Astra Estimating

Astra Estimating Services is a nationwide Electrical, Plumbing or HVAC estimating service. We are one of the largest estimating firms in the world and have been helping Electrical, Plumbing and/or HVAC contractors estimate their projects for over eleven years. We have over forty plus years of experience and offer contractors the option to assist their in-house estimators complete more bids or we can be their full time estimating department. We estimate jobs of all sizes and we can even assist them in finding local jobs to bid. Here at Astra Estimating we focus on three major goals: 1. Make our services affordable 2. Winning our customers more bids 3. Making sure they can make money on the jobs we win. We have a high bid win ratios because we focus on the science behind the estimate which we call Estimating Down to a Science. Like our page and receive two hour of estimate time for free.