Kenyon & Taccara Martin

There are Three things that you need to know about us prior to seeking our services or advice: 1. We are not Clinical Therapist, Clinical Counselors, or Coaches. What's the difference? Generally speaking Coaches are about your NOW and your FUTURE. They help guide, motivate, inspire, instruct, and move you from where you are standing to where you want to go in any particular field. Their limitation is that they cannot adequately address emotional trauma from the past that often plague our relationships and keep us from moving forward. Clinical Counselors are adept at addressing your past so that you can move forward. They can do Everything a Coach can do, while also helping you to identify, acknowledge, and hurdle the issues of your past that brought you to where you are so that they are not repeated in the future. Clinical Counselors are also able to diagnose and treat Mental/Personality Disorders. We ride the line between the two. Educated as ly counselors we can address your past, present, and propel you to your future. Our main interest is to help you heal from your past so that your current relationship or future relationship does not suffer. Our only limitation is that we are not a medical practice. We do not diagnose or treat Mental/Personality disorders. We are trained to identify them and when we do, we will suggest a Clinician for your treatment. We work with Singles, Dating, Married, or Divorced With us you are in a Safe Place. 2. We Do Not Fix Marriages or Relationships. No one can fix your marriage but you. Our Primary Goal is your wholeness, growth, health, and healing as individuals, so that you can fix your own marriage/relationship. As such we mediate, interpret, guide, counsel, instruct, and support you through you, either individually or as a couple. We also have authored books that are developed for your emotional and mental well-being and help you to heal from broken relationships that have broken you. 3. Divorce - Divorce is a destructive event. It hurts people almost beyond repair. Divorce is economically, mentally, emotionally, personally, spiritually and even physically devastating. As such we are careful in talking about Divorce as an option except in three areas. A. Serial Adultery B. Physical Abuse C. Mental/Emotional Abuse While a marriage can be saved, when one or a combination of those are apparent we will respond accordingly. We want you SAFE and HEALED...PERIOD. However if you are opting to Divorce outside of those areas, or have had a Divorce previously, we will consult with you on how to heal through the devastation of Divorce. While we do provide professional services, you are more than welcome to reach out to us via messenger or email for advice. Due to our schedule, our responses will be limited to approximately three interactions (or more depending on the severity) but our responses will be thorough and Honest. You'll find our approach - Understanding - Engaging - Emotionally Empathetic - Encouraging - Supportive - Guiding - Instructional - Honest - Down to Earth - Pragmatic - Biblical We Hear You, and We are Here for You!