Partha Nandi, MD

The "Ask Dr. Nandi"Show is unique in the world of television. Yes, we have guests who share their stories and experts who share their knowledge but it is the host that makes the show so special. Every episode of the "Ask Dr. Nandi" Show is a glimpse into the world of Dr. Partha Nandi. He approaches the show with compassion and a sense of spirituality that develops a wonderful bond between himself and his audience. Dr. Nandi's ability to make his fans feel like they are truly part of the the "Nandi Family" is the reason for the show's extremely loyal following. The "Ask Dr. Nandi" Show is about medicine and well-being but it is also about compassion. It is about spirituality. It is about family. There are many shows on television that are informative but how many television shows can be life-inspiring? Welcome to the world of "Ask Dr. Nandi". Namaste