Ashley Amaral - Living The Dream

I'm Ashley and I'm a Mother, High School Physical Education Teacher, Wife and Health and Wellness Coach. I am woman who felt trapped inside of her body after my 1st pregnancy. I gained more weight after I had my daughter than I did while I was pregnant with her. Due to breast feeding struggles and guilt I went to food for comfort. I was not being the mom I wanted to be for my daughter. I knew I would be getting pregnant again some day and used that as an excuse to NOT work hard and lose that initial baby weight. 4 years later I did get pregnant again, and when I was 8 months along with my son, I decided I would NOT do what I did with my daughter. I was not going to be a tired, miserable in my own skin, resentful mother. I was going to decide how I felt, what I looked like, and I was going to make the choices I needed to be the healthiest best mom I could be. I am now living my life out loud, with purpose, and making my dreams, and my families dreams come true. _____ Hi, I'm Michael Amaral and I'm a Husband, Middle School Physical Education Teacher, Father, and self proclaimed Geek! When I was 14 I started lifting weights at school. When I turned 17 I joined the local gym and did my Senior Project on Weight Training. I wasn't focused on diet so much as lifting HEAVY weights. In college I met Ashley, and we got comfortable. We stopped going to the gym together and let adult responsibilities take over our priorities. Health and Fitness, even as 2 physical education teachers was put on the back burner. We were living breathing hypocrites. When Ashley told me she was going to sign up to be a health and wellness coach, with her giant 8 month pregnant belly, I knew this would mean I too would have to get my act together. Over the last year and half, we have lived HEALTHIER and HAPPIER than the 2 of us have ever been. We have move energy to pour into our kids, our jobs, and each other. We can't possibly imagine our lives had Ashley not decided to change our lives for the better. We want nothing more than to share this energy with you all. We truly are LIVING OUR DREAM. Part of our dream is to help as many people as we can, feel this energy, and start living YOUR dream. Click on link below to sign up for our free group where we talk food, fitness, family, and focus on all the things that get us one step closer to LIVING THE DREAM. Lets do this! Always, Ashley and Michael Amaral