Artisan Pizza

At ARTISAN PIZZA our motto is Fresh, All Natural, Handmade from scratch using only the finest ingredients. We start by making our own Hand Tossed pizza dough fresh (Never Frozen) daily using Premium Bakers Flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Bakers Yeast and a touch of sugar. There's a reason our traditional, all-natural pizza sauce proudly carries the guarantee: "Made from Fresh Natural Vine Riped-Tomatoes, NOT From Concentrate." Grown in the rich, fertile valleys of California by the best growers, the vine-ripened tomatoes used to make our sauce are picked during the three-month season when they're the most ripe and packed within an average of six short hours. Once we've added our special blend of herbs, spices and all-natural ingredients, our sauce has a just-picked, fresh tomato flavor you'll taste in every bite. We only use Real 100% Mozzarella cheese by one of Canada's finest cheese producers. Locally sourced Fresh Vegetables, hand washed and chopped daily. We're committed to using only 100% authentic, superior-quality meats on our pizzas. specially cooked to give them hearty mouthwatering flavor you'll love! We do not add any additives or preservatives