Artee Duran

I’m Artee Duran and I’ve had a relentless obsession with art since around the age of 6. I remember trying my hardest to emulate Todd McFarland’s Spawn, hypnotized by the attention to detail. Yoshitaka Amano was another artist I became obsessed with, the fluidity of his images were like looking into a dream. Their are many more artists I could go on about, but I point those two out for a reason. Detail and fluidity are what I do best. It’s what I’m obsessed with. The standards I set for my own art are very high, and I invite you to take a look into my portfolio and feel free to contact me. I’ve painted with acrylic, watercolor, oils, pen and ink, but nothing has grabbed me like tattooing has. I understand that getting a tattoo is a personal and intimate experience, so I always pour my soul into every piece to make your vision come to life.