Archers Arena

Archers Arena is the largest indoor Archery Tag Facility 10000 square ft, steps away from Downsview Subway Station and Downsview Park. It is located at 1140 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 3. We have 2 archery courts for 10 vs 10 skirmish that can be converted to a 20 vs 20 battle of epic proportions. There are numerous different game modes you can participate in as well as a 1500 sqft shooting range, a lounge with comfy couches for you to relax, change rooms with lockers and a kitchenette for your group’s private event. We cater to big groups, birthdays and corporate events. Don’t know what Combat Archery is? Combat Archery is a team-based archery game played with patented foam-tipped safety arrows. It combines the finesse of archery with the adrenaline rush of paintball and family friendliness of dodgeball, making it a uniquely thrilling experience. Come shoot your family, friends, and colleagues, and have an amazing time. Snapchat: archersarena