Unstoppable April

The highlight of April's success story really began in 2014. Her & her family were about to lose it ALL! The final thing to lose was their home. They had sold everything inside the home, and they were about to the end. They lived on prayers, fully trusting God would provide. May 1st 2014 the answered prayer came through! Hard work, faith, tenacity, consistency, discipline, and so many other factors led April to create TOTAL freedom in 10 short months. April is proof that faith, positive mindset & hard work can change any circumstance you're facing now. April knows that if you're willing to hear truth & apply changes ANYTHING is possible. Now April strives to empower as many others to achieve all they desire. She's bold, eager, and not afraid to tell it like it is. She believes that thick skin is critical to reach the top of any venture. So grab those running shoes, tighten up the laces and hold on. Truth Bombs are dropped here daily to help you run a little faster!