Animal Behavior College

We are a vocational school specializing in animal-related career training. Our certifications help you become a dog trainer, cat trainer, veterinary assistant, or pet groomer. Military spouses may qualify for FREE tuition. Click the link at the bottom of the page for more information. DETAILS Learn at home AND get hands-on, mentor-directed experience in your community, whether in the US or Canada. We provide ongoing alumni support and business-building tools to help support successful professional careers. Alumni have access to ABC's active and up-to-date JOB BOARD. Our programs can help military spouses, career changers, and people seeking weekend and second incomes. Additionally, ABC’s dog training students have volunteered more than 120,000 hours to help save the lives of shelter dogs throughout North America in our “Students Saving Lives” program. Since 2004, students have volunteered a minimum of ten hours at local shelters, humane societies, or rescue organizations. Their goal is to socialize and train any “behaviorally-challenged” dogs to give them a better chance at adoption. ABC was founded in 1998 by professional dog trainer, lecturer and author Steve Appelbaum; and professional dog trainer and pet expert Debbie Kendrick, also an award-winning trainer. “Where animal lovers pursue animal careers.”