AngelSense - Protecting Children

AngelSense is a next generation analytic-based GPS and Voice monitoring solution designed for children with special needs. AngelSense grew out of a mission to create a safer world for children with special needs who tend to wander, get lost, and experience improper care. As a result, cutting-edge technology was developed to bring you the most accurate tracking and monitoring solution. With AngelSense, you can assure that your loved ones are safe and secure at all times. AngelSense provides parents of children with special needs visibility into the child’s daily activities and well-being while under the care of others. Key benefits: • Improving care by detecting mistreatment or bullying • Help locate a wandering or lost child • Peace of mind • Increasing the child’s sense of self-confidence • Higher level of independence for the child Key features: • Automatically builds a daily schedule by identifying the locations the child spends time at • Identifies unexpected schedule changes • Diary, map and picture presentations • Transit information: route, stops, speeding • Emergency mode to help find a lost child with GPS and listen-in capability • Accessories designed to meet the challenges of children with sensory issues