Ancient Explorers

Our Cause: We explore significant ancient locations with the aim to spread knowledge. We also care about contributing to the places we visit. A generous percentage of our profits directly benefit the communities that inspire the products in our collection. History: Amish and Puja’s mission is to explore the history of our ancient past to make an impact on today’s and tomorrow’s world. Their mission took off when Amish acted on his intrigue of Dvaraka (dwarka), which he had learned of extensively throughout his religious Hindu upbringing. Dvaraka’s historical significance is that it may predate what we currently know as the oldest city known to man! It then became clear to them that there were many cities like this, and that this was just the beginning of their mission as Ancient Explorers. Message from the founders : Amish Shah: My fascination with ancient civilizations, lost cities and the exotic locales in encyclopedia Britannica started when I was a child growing up in my small suburban town in New Jersey. I longed for the freedom to explore the most far-off corners of the planet, but not as your average digicam-packing Joe Tourist! What I wanted was nothing less than to dig up the wisdom, stories and treasures buried by the sands of time. Because something has always told me, even before I could legally board a flight on my own, that our past holds the key to overcoming the challenges of our present and future. This for me has always been about more than just simple childhood curiosity. It’s what I was meant to do with my life. Puja Shah: It came to me as a young girl, often, the way I felt at peace inside when I’d touch ancient stone walls at the temple near my aunt’s home in India, the way it felt like I was connected to something… something greater than my existence… like a link of old and new, of rich and poor. It was the link I felt that needed to be threaded into everything. One that could really only be explained with the eyes and the heart. One that I knew, even back then, that I needed to explore. Ancient Explorers is a community of people that understand the importance of finding the truths of the oldest lost civilizations and the value of these historical links between then and now… in order to ultimately help us move forward powerfully as a society, as a people, and as a global community. Ancient Explorers is proudly part of the global movement and collective network known as Deep Origins. Deep Origins and it's network of sites create transformational content and communities around timeless ancient see mankind evolve and thrive in pure potentiality.