American Posture Institute

The World's leading professional resource for postgraduate online posture education for healthcare professionals. At the American Posture Institute we have spent years finding the best way to change health. Through postural correction we have created the most effective postural correction system available. The Certified Posture Expert program is the #1 Rated online posture certification on the planet. Targeted at helping professionals master structural and dynamic posture analysis and correction while creating an emphasis on expert position, this program is excellent to master all things static and dynamic posture. The Certified Postural Neurology program is changing the way Neurology is done. Destroying the "OLD Model" of neurology, the Postural Neurology program covers the most important aspects of neurology through postural analysis and correction utilizing Brain Based Posture Analysis and correction strategies. This 100% online certification is the most practical and implementable neurology program available. Stop Guessing & Start Knowing! With more than 1,000 certifications awarded in over 35 countries worldwide the American Posture Institute is the largest and most influential postural education program available in the world. If you are interested in taking your knowledge to the next level, becoming the 'Go-To' Posture Expert in your community, and getting consistent objective results every time, then the American Posture Institute is the place for you! For more information on our Certifications or any of our advanced courses contact us directly today!