Alien Fresh Jerky

Established in 2001 Originally started in Crystal Springs, Nevada, in 2001, Alien Fresh Jerky was nothing more than a couple of tables with some jerky, olives, honey, and nuts on the side of the road off the I-93. In May of 2002, we moved the operation to Baker, California, where we started in a small, approximately 600 sf space. Expanding on this location, we added clean restrooms, and expanded the retail space (some of you may remember the old 'shack' looking place), later the paved parking, and finally, the upgraded, 4800 sf building next to our store. On July 1, 2008, we moved the store next door to the 4800 sf building, and we've been there ever since. Our proposal is to consistently provide our best selling products, which many have come to love, as you travel to or from Las Vegas on the I-15, and through our website, once you're home and decide you want some more.