Aja Smithey - Girl on Fire

Aja Smithey is a personal trainer and fitness coach who, throughout her own struggles, has conquered obstacles with her dietary and exercise habits. She founded her program "Girl on FIRE" based on her own life experiences to help other women enhance their lifestyle and become the strong (mind and body) and confident women they strive to be, even though they think the idea may be too far gone. "I grew up in an era where starving models, air brushed magazines and barbie dolls were seen as "ideal" body images and as a little girl growing up, it had a strong impact on they way I viewed myself. Through high school, college and even after I had my daughter, I thought I needed to be a certain weight (but now I know better-ha).I've had my own personal battles and all I want to do is help women learn to love themselves and know that the CAN turn their life around and it doesn't involve starving, smoking or endless hours of cardio. It involves a grit and consistency." -XO- Aja