Affordable Real Estate Investments

Hello! This site is for new investors and experienced investors looking to diversify their portfolio. Navigating Working Class Neighborhoods For High Profits, and Creative Financing. I will give you an honest and practical guide to real estate investing at a price you can afford. This site is dedicated to giving the people out there the real information they really want to know about real estate investing. I will go into my strategy and tips of purchasing homes for less than 30k, choosing the right contractors, accurately judging a property, and how the road to generating enough income from real estate to ensure everyone’s financial freedom. This isn’t cutesy or top lofty, but the nitty gritty details from awkward contractor situations to when’s it okay to cut costs on painters tape. I will give you the truth and a practical guide to real estate investing at a price that’s easy to afford. The knowledge I have gain is through the acquisition of 4 rental properties, all for under 35k, which I am now either collecting rent on or currently rehabbing. After thousands of dollars invested, many hardworking weekends while keeping my day job, and many losses and just as many wins, I find that when I discuss my strategy with others who have interested in owning a rental property, especially cheap and inexpensive housing, they are all very thankful for the knowledge I give them. I feel that everyone in this country should know these basic rules, and at the prices that I have found great properties at, it is definitely more obtainable to an extremely wide audience. This isn’t a gimmick, I can go to any city and find houses under 30k within 35 miles. I live in Washington DC and I have purchased 2 within 35 miles and 1 within 90 miles. I will go into the intricacies of investing in a region outside of where you may live, because sometimes the numbers just don’t make sense where you actually live for any positive rental income. I hope you enjoy, partake, and are inspired by the knowledge my experience can provide. I just ask that you pay me back by becoming a subscriber, and commenting/questioning anything you see in my Vblog. Check out my Youtube Channel AffordableREI, an easier way to view all the content here, and also on Google + Page which is also an easy way to view all the content in chronological order. Thank you all so much!