Advanced Body Dynamics

Advanced Body Dynamics is owned and operated by Jeff Katz, a Fitness Transformation Expert based out of Chico, Ca. We provide safe movement principles, balanced programming, awesome results, and a warm, welcoming exercise environment. Our clients experience life changing world class service. Advanced Body Dynamics is a personal training studio like no other in Northern California. Led by Jeff Katz, Advanced Body Dynamics (“ABD”) offers customized personal fitness/nutrition services in a state-of-the-art training studio designed to ensure that YOU achieve your personal fitness/performance goals. Here’s why… Experience. Jeff Katz brings a wealth of academic knowledge and hands-on training experience to your customized training program. Jeff Katz has worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer for over 7 years. Best Practices. ABD draws from an unprecedented array of disciplines such as body science, fitness, training and personal improvement components to design the RIGHT training program for YOU. Not just for the body – but for the spirit as well. Collaboration. Most fitness training providers offer one-on-one training sessions or small group experiences, often with no long-term goals in mind and with no collaboration by professionals who might offer supportive or complementary services. Like a personal fitness trainer complemented by a massage therapist or a nutritionist. You are alone with the challenge of accomplishing your personal goals. Now imagine your chances of achieving your personal goals with a TEAM of professionals who collaborate as needed to ensure that you have maximum chance of achieving your personal goals. At ABD, we are willing to collaborate with a small team of hand-picked complementary professionals to collectively work on your personal goals with you. If you are currently in or recently finished Physical Therapy, ABD will be happy to discuss specific issues with your Therapist to ensure that you continue to improve in specific areas. If your Doctor is open to collaboration, ABD will take their advice and instructions into account when designing your personalized training program. Could regular massages or a nutritionist increase the likelihood of achieving your personal goals? If so, ABD will coordinate their involvement for you. Technology. Today’s Internet world and technologies available on digital mobile devices offer possibilities that ABD takes full advantage of to make your experience more robust. ABD fully utilizes proven, inexpensive technology that greatly enhances your training and personal fitness experience and it enables far better results. For instance, mobile technology allows ABD to design personally tailored training programs for you and then share them with you via smartphones and computer tablets. Current technology such as LoseIt!, Ultra-Tmer, Digi-Fit and Fitbit also allows ABD to monitor your physical activities and eating habits through the Internet and smartphones. Commitment. ABD is committed to ensuring that you achieve your personal fitness goals. We begin your personal journey to accomplish your personal fitness goals with you and we stand beside you as your journey progresses. We offer a variety of ways to interact with us both through technology and through constant monitoring and personal fitness program tailoring. The result? You achieve Your Personal Fitness/Performance Goals.