Active Duty Passive Income

ACHIEVING FINANCIAL FREEDOM WHILE SERVING Hi, my name is Markian Sich, and I am an Active Duty Marine with a passion for Military Real Estate investing and passive income. I love the military. The financial stability and lifestyle it has provided my family is something I am very thankful for. However, I want to make sure I am not scrambling when the day comes that I transition back into the civilian world… and that is exactly why I created this website. In a couple of months I will be launching my Real Estate Investing Course, so please sign up and get the updates as they come! I want to prove Military Real Estate investing is not only possible, but also the perfect way to build wealth even while on Active Duty. If you are interested in how I am setting this website up and the tools I use, please check out the checklist of tools for a step by step breakdown. Active Duty Passive Income is a website that does not preach about various “get rich quick schemes.” Our blog posts, guides, course, and supporting community, is all about learning the steps required for success and the tools that make everything possible. The internet is full of promising information, but most of the information fails to tailor to the military. Lets be honest, sometimes we need a manual, checklist, or guide book, because that is how we are used to operating. Moreover, we are used to working with a team that pushes us to be better at our job. Transitioning out of the military can cause a good deal of anxiety. Finding financial freedom is all about educating yourself and having the proper tools necessary to apply that knowledge successfully. ADPI is the perfect combination of knowledge and community. We are here to support and push you to your goals with the knowledge that you gain. Our only hope is that when you are successful, that you give back to our community in some way.