Acting Classes In Perth About Acting Classes In Perth . . . Tired Of Your 9 - 5 Job? If you've always dreamed of being an actor or actress, or maybe you are looking for an outlet to release your stress or boredom from work? Acting Classes In Perth is the largest growing acting school In Perth for beginner and intermediate actors! If you are looking for acting classes in Perth in the northern or southern suburbs, we can help. Try our Screen Acting Workshop for beginners and meet new friends while you try something fun, creative and different! We run our acting classes and acting courses all year round, so whether you just want to have a fun weekend expressing your creativity or you are thinking of starting a career in acting, we will be running an acting course In Perth that best suits you! What Will I Learn At Acting School? Our acting school In Perth and short acting workshops in Perth are designed to give everyday people along with the budding actor the opportunity to develop their skills and experience what it’s really like to be an actor. Our acting classes teach you how to find acting auditions in Perth, acting tips & secrets and professional acting techniques. They are a great introduction to the world of acting and help you to improve your confidence and self-esteem while you make some new friends and have a laugh - so come along and find out how much fun acting school in Perth can be! The team @