Absolute FitFood

Absolute Fit Food has revolutionized the way of healthy eating in Bangkok. We are proof that healthy food can be delicious and not necessary limited to vegetarian or bland food. Our unique concept shows that healthy food is not just limited to the way food is prepared but also lies in the ingredients that are used and where we source them from. Inspired by the Love Kitchen at the Absolute Sanctuary Hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand, Absolute Fit Food is delighted to bring award winning cuisine to your home. Created by certified nutritionists, and given the finishing touch by food design consultants, Absolute Fit Food delivers delicious gourmet health food solutions whatever your goal may be. With our Absolute Fit Food programs your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all taken care of everyday and delivered fresh to your home or work place or available for pick up. Creating healthy, delicious food is a full time job. Absolute Fit Food removes the confusion that is created by the hundreds of health food books that are available and simplifies it into an easy follow program.