ARM Systems

When ARM Systems launched in 2011, I have to admit, we were kind of basic. There really wasn’t anything different about us. I’d like to think we were better than the big-box gyms–and a better value too. But different? Not so much. Around 2013 or 2014, things started to change. Our approach became more holistic, our identity a little more sophisticated. We started attracting a different type of client–and that’s when things got interesting. That’s because the people who were coming to us were living these big, impressive, but also really difficult lives. Their responsibilities were gigantic in every area–home, family, the office, local community groups, churches and other houses of worship–and the pressure was intense. As we expanded beyond fitness into wellness, we realized that, without some recharging of the batteries, burn-out would be a serious, if also predictable, problem for these clients. So we introduced a variety of luxurious amenities–Italian espresso bar; cooling aromatherapeutic towels; shakes and smoothies included with training services; et cetera–to ease their tension, minimize their worry, and give them little bits of joy when they needed them most. It worked–and we realized there was even more to do.... As of summer 2016 we replaced our entire menu of fitness services with a curriculum called THE ARM ACADEMY. But wait! What does that mean? Here’s the deal… Over the course of the past year, we’ve been doing our absolute best and most to create a dynamic, fascinating environment for our staff members; a worthwhile, value-packed service offer for our esteemed clientele; and a laboratory of luxury and innovation to inspire our community of local entrepreneurs and business people. As we on-goingly reviewed our successes and failures, as well as feedback from loyal customers, we realized that what’s wanted and needed in the fitness industry–but what’s totally missing right now–is an all-inclusive solution that’s about much more than training on the floor. People want and need (A) lifestyle coaching, (B) access to complimentary wellness resources, (C) a sense that specific goals are being set and met, and (D) a progressive approach–not just the same type of training month after month, no end in sight. No, what we’ve heard, time and time again, is that people love a sense of graduation from one strictly defined level to another. At first, we thought we could deliver upon these wants in the context of large-group fitness classes. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out; we weren’t able to deliver the level of personalized, individualized service that’s our gold standard. (PS, by the way, that’s why we won’t be offering them anymore–unless, of course, a group comes to us requesting one, in which case we’ll gladly oblige.) Instead, we’ve scanned the global marketplace for business models from which we might borrow structures and/or metaphors. After a full month of exploration, we were surprised but delighted to realize that the organizational model best suited to our wants and needs was that of the college or university. THE ARM 100 SERIES: INTRODUCTIONS & CONSIDERATIONS is kind of like the informational sessions sponsored by most colleges, institutes, and universities. In our case, it only lasts an hour or two, and it’s completely free of charge. Conducted at our Milton campus on a one-to-one basis–or in a group setting at your home, office, whatever–ARM 100 isn’t a sales meeting. There’s some actual value there, no matter what you choose to do next. That said, for those who want to move forward, appointments do close with opportunities to apply for ARM 200. THE ARM 200 SERIES: EXPERIMENTS & DISCOVERIES is a week-long course that opens your mind and makes new things possible–kind of like an associate’s degree. During the course of ARM 200, we help new students understand their bodies, selves, and lives in a new way–and to evaluate what’s possible for all three. This is achieved thanks to an innovative teaching-and-learning format involving five one-on-one life-coaching experiences and five one-on-one personal-training experiences. THE ARM 300 SERIES: FOUNDATIONS & FUNDAMENTALS is a month-long course that makes sure your mind and body are exactly where they need to be to make it “out there”–kind of like a bachelor’s degree. During the course of ARM 300, we help students correct, improve, and bring balance to their levels of mechanical, adaptational, and constitutional fitness. As with all of our courses, nutritional counselling is fully integrated–no additional fees nor charges. THE ARM 400 SERIES: ADVENTURES & TRANSFORMATIONS is a quarter-long course that teaches you to set and meet a major project objective–kind of like a master’s degree. During the course of ARM 400, we help students design holistic, strategic, altogether realistic plans to objectively, measurably, and impactfully improve their bodies, selves, and lives. THE ARM 500 SERIES: REFINEMENTS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS is a year-long course, that teaches you to survive and thrive, no matter what–kind of like a doctorate or professional degree. During the course of ARM 500, we help students cultivate winning habits, maintain what they’re already achieved, and accomplish even more–despite life’s inevitable challenges, difficulties, obstacles, and interruptions. Honestly, I’ve just top-lined our new curriculum for you. There’s so much more to share, for example: all of the luxurious extras that are included with tuition; our small-group learning options, which can reduce costs by as much as fifty percent; our merit-based scholarship program; and our financing options, which make it easier than ever to get ARMed. Want to know more? Request a complimentary consultation with us. Meanwhile, please remember that, when it comes to your fitness, wellness, and performance, the best step is usually the next step.