Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship

Vision: By leveraging the networks of The Fisher College of Business and Net Impact, this year's Summit will be more directly marketed to universities across the US and will build bridges between socially entrepreneurial students across multiple campuses. As a result, Ohio State will be established as a leader in social entrepreneurship, not just "on the radar." Through its Innovation Marketplace, APTE seeks to provide numerous channels for action for all student attendees through placement in socially entrepreneurial internships, volunteer and research opportunities, and studies abroad. Furthermore, all Innovation Marketplace and APTE planning processes will be carefully documented and institutionalized to create a turnkey operation that is both sustainable and easily replicable for future years. In addition to examining how entrepreneurship can alleviate poverty in a general sense, this year's APTE Summit will also specifically examine how entrepreneurship can be harnessed in areas of health care, environment, and education to help holistically alleviate poverty.