AMN Academy

Movement patterns are the scaffolding on which cognition is built, essentially, our capacity for complex movement whether the resonance of neurons within the brain and spinal cord or the intricate coordination of muscles & joints as we move through the world is everything that we have and it should not be limited. Focused movement or 'exercise' does not have to fit in to a single ideal. It does not have to be compartmentalised, isolated or avoided. When we learn something new that stimulates us, our brains pay attention. Novelty is the key missing factor in health and fitness. The Mass excitation of vast numbers of neurons within our brains in response to achieving a new skill makes us feel the same satisfaction, enjoyment and excitement as when we meet a new person that we like, learn the answer to something we've been wanting to know or witness something that inspires us. Learning to move and integrate with our potential to make us strong, mobile, coordinated and flexible, promoting the neuro chemistry of our brains, is health and fitness.. Or at least it should be! AMN will teach you how to truly understand your own and your clients nervous systems as it pertains to movement. Blending functional neurology, biomechanics, gymnastics, hand balancing, martial arts and tricking in to a progressive, teachable system that focuses on skill, fun and the joy of the incredible human form. If you are a high level trainer or therapist with a passion for movement and a desire to learn, Applied Movement Neurology will change your own and your clients lives forever. AMN, evolving the Health & Fitness industry. David Fleming & Luke Sherrell