Ever since year 2012, AHD has been the embodiment of brand excellence in the market of smart home and security system. We are profoundly specialized in the most high-tech industry related apparatus such as smart alarm, CCTV, biometric system and the most comprehensive range of smart home systems which includes Smart Curtain, Smart Switch, Smart Water Heater, Smart Awning, and even Smart Ventilator, all responsive towards simple touches of your smart phones. And what’s more, our central-controlled service comes with hotline. That truly is convenience redefined. Our aim was to revolutionize the old, frustrating practices that frequently ended in atrocious after-sales services and substandard products. It is strongly woven into our soul that the very best products would have to come with the best of services, and the best of services do not necessary need to burn a hole in your pockets. For all the R&D we have done and the ultra-competitive prices we offer, customers from all walks of life are the ones who are reaping the benefits in the end. We construed professionalism as experience and knowledge carried out in the most proper and systematic manner, to satiate needs and guarantee satisfaction. We are not only selling gadgets and technology we are selling a sense of trust and peace of mind. Everyone can now live securely with maximum convenience. Our uncompromised quality and proficiency went extremely well with our clients, hence the brand AHD is now beginning to embark on a journey of chain stores and franchising throughout Malaysia. Join us in our mission of preventive measures and bring the concept of “smart security” to a whole new level!