The Jennings Family - A Cyberbullying Affair

Hey Mark and Rita Jennings here! Welcome to our Family Page. Or at least welcome to the Shadows of our Lives. Something happened to our Family, something like a Hurricane crashing against our feelings. Still don’t know what. Will you help us? Follow us and help us to understand. But beware, for our events may be your own events... DISCLAIMER: The Jennings Facebook Fanpage is part of A Cyberbullying Affair Transmedia Project. This Project aims to provide followers infos about the Cyberbullying issue, what’s real with it and how to overcome it. The Family members are pure fantasy, situations are extracted from the analysis of hundreds cases and academic researches. There is no pre-made plot here. Follow! Look at the Jennings Lives as they unfold the mystery about their son. Engage! Characters of the Jennings Family act like real persons. So ask them anything and let's talk about the issue! Connect! The Jennings Family events are Real Life. Are you experiencing their same issues? Let's talk about it! Together we can prevent and overcome Cyberbullying!