Here is a little background on SixPackPlayer and why it was created… The story starts with me - Anthony Lawton (the founder of SPP). It's fair to say that I have always been fairly sporty (an international show-jumper as a teenager and running my first marathon (at the age of 44) in under 3.5 hours). ​ ​I had never previously taken structured exercise (other than the marathon training) or nutrition particularly seriously. Since the age of 25+ I had always had a "tum" my wife's long standing (affectionate) term to describe me has always been "toddler shaped!" In fact even after running anything from 12 to 22 miles weekend after weekend I still had the toddler tum! However, after the summer of 2016 (with too many meals out and far too many drinks) I realised after the review of the holiday snaps that for the first time in my life, I was uncomfortable with the way I looked (now at the age of 45). “Podgy” was the word that came into my head at the time... Many people would say that for 45, I looked fine but Health & Wellbeing is all about the individual. (Check out my before and after pictures at For me, that was the moment of realisation that it was now or never (a little dramatic, but this is how I felt) to do something about it. As a Management Consultant (and Management Accountant) focusing on Change and Innovation most of my work is with the NHS where I constantly look to improve systems and processes. So the obvious thing for me to do was to undertake the same analysis to solve my “podgy” problem. From this moment of realisation I began to study and analyse the worlds of a) Exercise, b) Nutrition & c) Motivation - i.e. the foundations of the SPP System. For more details on how the systems within SPP came into being and why check out the site where you can also take the opportunity of free membership to try it out. Best Anthony & The SPP Team