4EST shades

Hey You! Are you a Nature Lover? Are you one of those ladies and gentlemen out there who have a very overflowing love for the Mother Earth? If you are fashionable and you are after the eco-friendly products available in the market then we think that you will appreciate our products too! By the way, we are from 4EST and we are very proud to offer you our eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses! We sell a wide variety of sunglasses for both men and women. Our products are all made with 100% eco-conscious materials. These items are all made with bamboo, a plant that releases 35% more oxygen then trees and can be harvested in 3-5 years compared to 10-20 years for average trees. Our sunglasses are stylish and perfectly designed leaving it hard to imagine they are made from wood. We offer various designs to choose from and we are very confident that you will surely love all of them! Like you, we fell in love with the nature and so we came up with a very good idea…to produce quality products that are made of bamboo. Our dream resulted in the creation of this wonderful collection of sunglasses. Since our products are made using the gifts of the nature, we assure you that the costs of our products won’t harm your pocket!! Yes, our bamboo sunglasses match the sophistication of the leading brands of sunglasses in the market today but our products are more affordable then the rest! 4EST is just a new company but we are doing our very best to serve our clients in the most enjoyable way. We ensure quality in our job and we make sure that our products are tailored to the requests and expectations of our clients. We aim to be the leading choice of everyone…we want our wooden sunglasses to be your favorites too! Please Visit Us Today to Learn More About Our 4EST! www.facebook.com/4estshades