3 Concept Eyes - 3CE by Stylenanda, Malaysia

We are currently only having pre-order and ready stock for 3CE cosmetics. Of course, they are all authentic products which shipped all the way from Korea. 我们是马来西亚区的3CE 产品网络预购和現貨销售. 所有3CE的产品都是韩国进口的正品。 If you have any cosmetics of 3CE Stylenanda which do not shown in our album, you still can order with us. Just kindly provide us pictures and info ♥ 如你有任何3CE Stylenanda 的产品要订购而在我们的相本找不到资料的, 只需给我们 产品的链接 , 我们都能为您订购。 Terms and Conditions: 购物须知: 1) Customers can send message to inbox or leave comments to place an order: Name: Contact No: Code No / Link: Quantity: Delivery Address: 1)可以发信息到我们的邮箱或是留言在照片那下单哦: 货品名称/链接: 数量: 姓名: 联络号码: 收货人地址: 2) Upon receiving your order, we will reply your email within 24 hours to confirm the stock availability. Please don't make payment before we confirm the stock availability. 2)我们会尽可能在24小时之内回复您的订单是否有存货。若我们还没确认是否有货, 请先别汇款哦。 3) Payment is to be made within 2 days from our confirmation mail or your order will be cancelled. Kindly inform us through email once payment has been made. 3)请在2天之内汇款, 若超过2天订单将被取消。 汇款后也请通知我们哦。 4) Prices are NOT negotiable. 4)价格已是最优惠了的, 请高抬贵手。 5) Please notice there is pre-order and ready stock album. 5)请注意有些相册属于预购,有些是现货. 6) All sales are final. Goods sold are not refundable and exchangeable. We shall not be held for responsibility for any damaged and not be liable for any loss of goods incurred during the delivery process. 6)货物售出恕不退还。产品是会在检查后才出货的,若商品在邮寄途中损坏/遗失了,本店一律不负责哦~ 7) We reserve the right to cancel your order if in the case the item is out of stock. If payment has been made, we will refund the full amount. 7)若缺货, 本店有权取消订单。如果已汇款, 本店将原银退还。 8) Colors of the items displayed online may be slightly different from the real piece due to the color resolution of different computers and cameras. 8)货品图档颜色因荧幕设定不同,颜色会略有差异,以实物為主. We assume that you have read the Terms and Conditions when you place an order with us. 当下单时, 我们将当做您已熟读我们的购物须知哦。