Ian Smith

For years, I was an employee that hated going into work everyday. I was salesman that sold advertising services for local businesses. I knew mostly about sales, but very little about marketing and advertising. I have wanted to be my own boss and own my own business since I was a kid. Over the years, I had started about 11 different businesses that eventually failed after I had invested thousands of dollars into trying to make them successful, but I didn't give up and decided to start investing my spare money into expanding my knowledge, rather than on starting businesses... Finally, after six months and thousands spent on audible books and online educational courses about internet marketing, I found success with one of my businesses when I partnered up with five other Entrepreneurs and we launched an internet marketing agency. My role was Chief of Operations and I wore many hats while growing that business with my partners... While we scaled that business from $0 to $4.5 million in revenue during our first year of business, I was spending a large amount of my free time educating myself even more on how to most effectively advertise and market for our clients. I wanted to be sure that we delivered the highest results for our clients, so they would want to stay with us and never go to another agency. I was putting in 70 hour work weeks and, being that I had five other partners to split the profits with, wasn't earning as much income from the business as I had wanted, so I exited the business. I sold my equity to my other partners and was free to start my next business venture, but now with a high level of internet marketing knowledge. I used this marketing knowledge to start growing my own internet marketing agency, but this time as a remote worker and with a remote team that was located all around the world. I grew my client list fairly quick and within a couple months was earning a five figure monthly salary. When looking back, it's crazy how over a year and a half's time frame I was able to acquire these new marketing skills, then grow an international client list that hires me, and my international team, to help them grow their business with our internet marketing skills. I want to help you do the exact same thing that I did! I want to teach you the marketing skills that will help you land clients around the world, so you can be your own boss and be free to work when and where you want to. I'm incredibly grateful to be a Free Boss and I want to teach you how to become one as well.