Doctor Ivan Ferrero Digital Psychologist

Creating Bridges between Humans and Digital. UX design, chatbot, artificial intelligence, social robotics, from a psychological and sociological point of view. Email: Educator and Support Worker (2000), Psychologist Psy.D (2003), Psychotherapist (2009). His work focuses on helping Teenagers, Parents and Professionals to deal with New Technologies. By working with Children and Teenagers (Schools, home, Territory) he has a clear understanding of the young generations needs and desires. His Digital passion makes him understand the actual impact of the New Technologies on our Life. CEO of Depression-Anxiety-Panic SelfHelp Group, and the Bullismo Online Fanpage, he uses his Web Marketing skills to help Teenagers and Parents with Cyberbullying, Hikikomori and Internet Addiction. Learn more about his Transmedia Strategy at He partners with Startups and other Companies as Brand Ambassador and columnist: his posts are crafted to provide the best information, with a focus on engagement and a strong interaction with his audience. He’s available for writings, Scientific Director/Advisor and Trainer: his voice is leading and strongly influencing, and his advice helps his readers every day to manage their Children Digital Life.