One night while being all alone in your room, do you feel like going out to a place where you expect to meet people who think in a way you do ? Do you want a place where you could go alone and still find [ probable ] friends to talk about the things you want to ? Are you lacking a place where you could go and share your thinking, ideas without doubting if the others are interested ? Cafe is a restaurant where people hang out, drink a coffee and talk about the things that they want to. Either you enter alone or in a group, you walk up to people you don't know and talk to them. The ambiance, projectors, whiteboards and couches are arranged such that you can't stop being creative. You should not come to Cafe if 1) You don't want to meet new people and are satisfied with the small group that you hang out with 2) Its only to drink Beers that you want to go to the restaurant 3) You don't know what creating friends and network is and don't value it 4) You want to meet new people only if they are of opposite sex 5) You want a silent dating spot where you could kiss your girlfriend