1000 Mile Journeys

Inspirational journeys of 1000 miles on foot, bike, ski and by paddle in stunning locations and environments around the World. These journeys will all be off course a minimum of 1000 miles. The time taken to complete will be between 2 weeks and 3 months depending on mode of transport and difficulty. The journeys are not for super fit athletes although of course very fit people are welcome. They are for normal people who want to achieve something special in life. Preparation for these journeys is a key as the journey itself. Mental and physical preparation is essential for the vast majority. These journeys are 75% mental ability and 25% physical ability but obviously physical preparation will make the journey more enjoyable. I would suggest a minimum of 6 months for the average person. More if really unfit and less if already fit. Everyone who wishes to complete these journeys will have a long telephone conversation with myself prior to signing up. On the really physical ones we will also have training camps in the sunshine in Spain prior to the main journey. Lead time for these journeys is long. Recces normally happen 18 months in advance and the journeys will be marketed a year in advance. Applications will close 3 months prior to the start on most of the journeys. Size of party will be a maximum of 12 with the average being 8. Costs will range from £600pp to £6000pp depending on length of journey and the logistics of the journey. Charity. Sticking with being client led we will do these journeys for charity only if those taking part want to. I will not get involved in handling any charity monies, therefore, all fundraising if wanted will have to happen via the various online sites. Having said that I am very experienced in fundraising for charities via my other businesses so if you want to discuss please ask.