What it Means to be a Facebook Business Partner

Facebook Business Partners

People don’t wake up to the sound of roosters crowing anymore. Nope, they start their day by tapping the “like” button, watching a friend’s Facebook Story, or seeing an ad for a product a family member has been talking about on their newsfeed. 

Facebook is in everyone’s lives. The social media behemoth knows this (along with pretty much everyone else on the planet), which is why it has become a hub for businesses worldwide to run ad campaigns, sell products, or collaborate with similar companies. 

If you’re a new company or the anomaly who isn’t familiar with Facebook, you may wonder what it means to be a Facebook Business Partner. Fear not: This  post will tell you everything you need to know.

Who are Facebook Business Partners?

Facebook partners are companies well-known for their expertise in their respective fields. Once Facebook vets a company for this list, it adds them into its partner directory. 

Facebook awards badges to the companies for their excellence to visually certify they are among the best at what they do and will help you promote and grow inside the Facebook platform. 

The term “Facebook Business Partner,” however, is somewhat of a blanket statement. Its Business Partners come from a wide range of industries that offer various skills and services, including ad tech, agencies, commerce, creative platforms, and messaging services. Each one of these company types needs to meet a particular set of Facebook eligibility requirements to make the cut. Read on to find out if your company might be eligible!

Facebook Partner industries and eligibility requirements

Adtech (Advanced Technology Solutions)

Adtech partners provide services to help businesses scale and optimize campaigns on Facebook. They also have the ability to assist with audience reach, budgets, scheduling, and reports. 

Why would you want your company to become an ad tech partner? For starters, once vetted, you will instantly become visible to thousands of potential clients and have access to partner-only tech support, events, and training. 

Adtech Eligibility requirements:

According to the Facebook website, your eligibility and tier level will depend on:

  • Material API Spend: Amount of material spend generated on the Facebook Marketing API over the last 180 days. Excludes API spend generated for the primary purpose of improving API spend (i.e. read calls for reporting, write calls not impacting delivery / appearance of an ad).
  • Qualifying Spend: Amount of Material API Spend directed toward direct response objectives that are optimized to help drive meaningful business outcomes for your clients.
  • Qualifying Placements: Amount of Material API Spend with Automatic Placements or at least four placements chosen on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, excluding right column.

Agency Partners

Agency partners on Facebook are chosen for their specialty in managing advertising campaigns for businesses and brands. As an agency partner, you’ll be placed on the partner directory, be able to display your agency’s marketing collateral, and gain increased exposure to more potential clients. 

Agency Partner requirements:

  • Minimum of $5000 spent on ads within 180 days.
  • Headquartered in a supported region and market.
  • Businesses must be affiliated with a minimum of 10 Facebook pages that have spent at least $100 on ads in the past 90 days

Commerce Partners:

Commerce partners help Facebook merchants capitalize on online sales. As a commerce partner, you should have a solid track record in eCommerce platforms that allow online merchants to flourish. Once you’re a Facebook badged commerce partner, you’ll also gain increased exposure to additional potential merchants and garner more support, training, and resources from Facebook. 

Commerce Partner requirements

  • Possess the technology to help businesses use a catalog on Facebook or add Facebook Pixel to their other media outlets. 
  • The ability to scale your platforms (e.g., proof of a high number of pixeled accounts, as well as a high number of managed catalogs on Facebook.) 

Creative Platform Partner

Creative platform partners on Facebook need to demonstrate the ability to scale and elevate other businesses’ creative productions.

Creative Platform Partner Requirements:

  • Ability to provide educational and inspirational resources to potential clients to help them stoke their creative fires and increase their value. 

Messaging Partner

As a Facebook Messaging Partner, you will be assessed on your ability to help scale solutions for businesses across Facebook via messaging platforms that drive business outcomes. Once badged, you will be eligible for Facebook’s help and resources to improve your company’s messaging product knowledge and advance your impact on the businesses you work with. 

Messaging Partner requirements:

  • Meet minimum requirements in the last 90 days for messages received by pages that are affiliated with your company’s API. 
  • Meet minimum active page requirements where you receive an average of at least one message per day for a consecutive 28-day window in the same 90-day window. 
  • Your messaging block rate complies with the Facebook partner terms. This informs Facebook about the impact of your messaging services (i.e., if your messages are being read, blocked, or deleted). 

It might look like there are many hurdles to jump over to become a Facebook Business Partner. But in this case, the old adage that nothing worth having comes easy rings true. 

Once your business has passed Facebook’s vetting process and given that rewarding badge, your outreach and scalability will vastly improve. You’ll be placed in their partner directory and have access to an unlimited amount of potential clients. Not to mention, you will have Facebook’s support, resources, and training courses at your fingertips to help your business acquire knowledge and grow within Facebook’s platform. 

Facebook is in everyone’s lives, but the platform today is far from its humble origins. It has become a place for virtually everything, from connecting with friends and family to selling products to buying houses. When you’re a Facebook Business Partner, you can significantly expand your outreach. 

If you are a business that offers one of the services listed in this article, you might find it worthwhile to meet the criteria to become a Facebook Business Partner. 

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