How To Apply For Facebook Subscription Messaging in 2 Simple Steps

How to Apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging

Hey ManyChatters.

For those of you who need Facebook Subscription Messaging, the application is easy, quick and free — you can do it in 5 minutes.

Facebook manually approves each application, so don’t expect to be approved right away. ?

To take action and get going with the Facebook changes, we’ve put together a simple two-step guide to help you apply.

Step 1: Submit Request for Subscription Messaging

From your Facebook Page, click Settings:

Finding your settings button to apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging

From your left menu, click Messenger Platform:

How to apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging in Settings

Scroll down to Advanced Messaging Features, click Request.

How to request to apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging

Step 2: Fill Out the Quick 3-Part Application for Subscription Messaging

You’ll have to choose what category your Page fits into in the application. From here, you have three options for sending subscription messages:

  • News
  • Productivity
  • Personal Tracking
3 Categories Eligible to Use Facebook Subscription Messaging

Also, you have to tell Facebook what kind of messages you will send. What you want to write is how you keep customers informed through your subscription content.

For example, you can say “CoffeeMeetsMug chatbot sends regular updates on important coffee news and culture for customers”.

Then give a few examples of what kind of content you’ll send with your ManyChat bot.

Examples of messages your Page will send for Facebook Subscription Messaging approval.

If approved, you’ll see a green check next to Subscription Messaging in your Settings.

Being Approved Facebook Subscription Messaging

Remember that with Subscription Messaging, you are agreeing to not send promotional broadcasts outside of 24+1.

Facebook will review your Page if they believe you’re using Subscription Messaging wrong.

If you run multiple Pages, you will have to apply separately for each.

The most important thing to know about the new Facebook Subscription Messaging update is this: don’t try to game Facebook. Follow the rules as they come and we’ll help you stay compliant the entire way through.

For questions or to see what other ManyChatters are doing, head over to our community page and join the discussion about Subscription Messaging updates.

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