Conversations 2020 Day Two: The Best Bits

Conversations Day 2

Conversations Day Two’s dominant themes centered on building a business and knowing your ideal client. 

Each of our all-star speakers gave away their customer-first business knowledge in spades; every session delivered scads of on-point marketing insights, from dissecting customer pain points to creating relevant and appealing content.

Don’t sweat it if you weren’t able to attend all the sessions. We compiled some of our favorite “aha!” moments and hit-the-ground-running strategies from Conversations Day Two. 

Billy Gene: How Do You Make a Million Dollars From a Facebook Ad?

Billy Gene speaking at Conversations 2020

Billy Gene is renowned as the master marketing showman, always reminding us that “the middle will put you out of business, and boring will put you out of business.”

He acknowledged that there’s a lion (not elephant) in the room: COVID-19. If you’re worried about selling your product, take heart, because according to Billy, the best time to sell is now. 

“When there is less competition (on Facebook), it’s more affordable. So, right now is the right time to sell,” he said.

His number one tip? An easy way to reach someone when they’re always happy to hear from you is…on their birthday!

Run a birthday campaign (yes, this information is available in the detailed targeting section of Facebook ads).  This type of campaign works for any business, and it will probably cost you between one and 10 cents to show an ad to someone on their birthday.

Pair this ad with ManyChat to deliver a special offer coupon.

Billy Gene's birthday campaign

Anyone can run a birthday campaign like this and start getting leads today.

Natasha Takahashi: ManyChat Mastery: The Expert Framework to Build a Chatbot From Scratch

Natasha Takahashi speaking at Conversations 2020

After analyzing over 10 million messages, School of Bots co-founder Natasha Takahashi used that data to devise six levels of Chat Marketing.

Her advanced workshop took us through the six stages of her expert framework, which promises to deliver a results-first chatbot. Here are the six steps:

  1. Autoresponder strategy (aka the bare minimum)
  2. Notification strategy (embrace personalization—you’re notifying a singular person, not a group)
  3. Funnel strategy (essentially a sales funnel)
  4. Contextual funnel strategy 
  5. AI-powered strategy
  6. Omnichannel strategy

To begin implementing her framework, Natasha encourages you to identify your top one or two funnels (what sales metric can the chatbot help boost first?), and accumulate all the assets you can from your brand, even if they’re not campaign specific.

She also stressed the need for personalization every step of the way.

Jasmine Star: 3 Powerful Secrets to Build Your Brand and Accelerate Your Growth

Jasmine Star speaking at Conversations 2020

Photographer and business strategist Jasmine Star took us back to the basics of finding, nurturing, and converting more ideal clients.

Her top tips to accomplish this?

  • Create an ideal client profile
  • Create value-driven marketing content that empowers or helps customers, or diminishes fear 

Customers like to interact with people, things, and businesses that resonate with them on a personal level and make them feel understood. Creating valuable content will position you as a professional who can help solve their problems.

It’s important to have a clear-cut marketing strategy that defines how and when to approach the people you’re trying to attract. For example, don’t hit moms up first thing in the morning—they don’t have time!

Here’s how Jasmine recommends creating valuable content:

  • Think of your ideal client like he/she is a real person
  • Ask yourself if your content will help empower or help them, or diminish fear for them 
  • Remember that your content is not about solving your problems; it’s about solving theirs

Keep in mind that you’re playing the long game; on average, it takes about four and a half months to convert a customer.

Bot Blondes: How to Turn $500 into a Six-Figure Chat Marketing Agency

Bot Blondes speaking at Conversations 2020

Bot Blondes—Angela Allan, Lauren Petrullo, and Trilce Jiron Garro—took a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of building a successful Chat Marketing agency.

Elaborating on Jasmine Star’s fundamental concept of “understanding your customer,” the Bot Blondes encouraged us to fully define  our ideal clients,  establishing their values, income, hobbies, education level, and pain points. 

They also dished out strategies for finding clients “like a boss” (yes, it involves creating valuable content and educating prospects), and how to identify bad clients.

The blondes delivered on what the title promised: If you start today with just $500, here’s what to do next to build your agency:

  1. Gather case studies (do one chatbot project for free to beef up your portfolio)
  2. Talk to a lawyer (if you don’t know anything about contracts or business law, many lawyers offer free 30-minute consultations)
  3. Start improving your skills to become a trusted marketing professional (check out Kelly Noble Mirabella’s YouTube channel for some expert tips on how to get started)

Michelle Barnum Smith: 3 Amazon Chat Strategies to Dominate Q4

Michelle Barnum Smith speaking at Conversations 2020

The queen of Amazon chatbots and Amazon Chatbot Strategies trailblazer Michelle Barnum Smith provided all the essential tactics you need to position your Amazon listings for Q4:

  • Do your keyword research and search for keywords with low competition and high volume
  • Look for halo effect and gift keyword opportunities
  • Conduct a Reverse-ASIN lookup for your listings to determine the keywords for which you’re already ranking 
  • Zero in on keywords with the highest search volume

She also took us behind the scenes of one of her successful holiday harvesting campaigns (which aimed to secure more video reviews), which landed her client 50 additional reviews! 

Jessika Phillips: How to Capture Attention, Amplify Your Message & Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More

Jessika Phillips speaking at Conversations 2020 Day 2

As NOW Marketing Group President, Jessika has pioneered #RelationshipMarketing, which helps turn followers into fans, clients into advocates, community members into collaborators, and transform your team into evangelists. 

She delivered insights to help shift our marketing mindset from “buying to belonging.” This strategy aims to encourage your target audience to support and engage with your brand to boost ROI.

“Stop counting likes, and start focusing on conversations,” she said.

Jessika attributes her success to her revolutionary CARE framework: 

  1. Capture attention. Know your audience and make them the hero.
  2. Articulate your message. Prioritize consistency and clarity.
  3. Build relationships. Encourage personalized one-on-one conversations that include video and audio.
  4. Experience. Ask for follow-ups and feedback to improve the customer experience.

Molly Mahoney: Keep the Conversations Going with Live Video Bots

Molly Mahoney speaking about Facebook Live at Conversations 2020

In her session, Molly Mahoney, the brussels sprout and live video queen, served up her “Map to Millions” video formula: Confidence, content, connections, and conversions.

She introduced us to her #Quesadillaofawesome, which uses her SAAVE formula to ensure your videos will stand out from your competitors’ content: 

S – Skillset
A – Appearance
A – Activities
V – Values
E – what you like to Eat

Molly piques people’s interest by including polarizing food, like brussels sprouts (which she loves), as conversation starters for her social media posts.

She also gave us the blueprint for live videos that convert (which she then pairs with a Messenger chatbot to boost conversions).

Videos that convert know:

  • your brand
  • your ideal client
  • their problems
  • the solutions to their problems, and 
  • their objections to purchasing

Matt Leitz: Advanced Lessons from ManyBot: Behind the Scenes of ManyChat’s Own Bot

Matt Leitz advances lessons session at Conversations 2020 CEO Matt Leitz took us under the hood of ManyChat’s very own bot. Going step by step, he showed us the five main areas the chatbot was designed to help:

  • Reducing support tickets 
  • Increasing bot engagement  
  • Educating existing members
  • Solving language confusion
  • Improving bot stickiness

Matt discovered that knowledge quizzes were a fun way to educate existing members about products and services. Plus, you can tag users for sales or support follow-up, and they have the option to “pick up where they left off.”

His efforts resulted in more than 80% of quiz participants taking the bot course or signing up for ManyChat.

Matt ended his session with three recommendations for building a successful bot:

  • Map out a plan before you build
  • Always make your flows modular
  • Build it out one flow at a time 

Fara Rosenzweig, Jessika Phillips, Kristi Jackson, Anna Tutckaia, and Anna Wiggins: Chat Marketing Women Who Rock 

Chat Marketing Women who Rock at Conversations 2020

These five bold and daring women shared some powerful tips for females looking to advance in tech:

  • Be fearless and take risks; the only person blocking you from your goals is you
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new, ask questions, be curious, and learn from failures
  • Use technology and tools to help you automate the work you can, allowing you to focus on what you do best
  • Surround yourself with support

Apps in Action: Meet Our Developers & How to Build an App Workshop with Michael Brant, Vadim Ciobanu, Troy Johnston, Paul de Lange, and Yana Mazo

Conversations 2020 Apps in Action session

During this workshop, the developers built an integration between ManyChat and Active Campaign using our new developer tools. They also walked us through new additions to the new ManyChat App Store, including a new webinar registration app and the Send SMS app, which is useful for bot builders who live in countries that don’t yet have the ManyChat native SMS feature. (This means you can now send SMS messages to your subscribers living all over the world.)

The ManyChat dev team demonstrated the power of Botsheets using tools, templates, and actions, through which bot makers can quickly make dynamic requests when building a bot.

They dug into the Seller Tools feature, educating us about creating real Amazon orders for customers through automation in ManyChat. With Seller Tools, you can set up special deals for your top customers, share complimentary products after purchase, and even create five-star quality customer service for users.

Wow! So much knowledge jam-packed into one day

Day Two revealed that for a business to thrive—even during a pandemic—it’s essential to focus on customer desires and what they truly need from you. Your goal is to help them, and providing this assistance through meaningful one-on-one conversations will pay dividends.

It’s what’s needed now more than ever.

Check out everything we learned on Day One.

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